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Accra is Electric

A quick update: Had a reversal of fortune last night. Consequence of oversold virgin atlantic flight, got bumped to premium economy. Bottomless wine and brandy for 5 hours. Arrive too late/too early to call couchsurfing host so sprung for a hotel. Got half off the price after I named the entire Black Stars squad. Receptionist bought me a dede jersey and gave me a phone (I’m a little confused about this).

Tried to sleep, but people are blowing vuvuzelas already at 7AM. Radio is overflowing with confidence and prayer requests. City is painted red, yellow, and green. Good vibes all around. Whether we wind up with an even bigger party tonight, or collective depression, I am going to savor this moment. Will not post for a bit after this as I try to piece things together in the coming days. Let’s hope the party continues. Go Black Stars!!!

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