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Having Sex with Snakes in Ghallywood and a Complimentary Highlife Track

First, if you have not read the previous post on the family of women, please check it out. Secondly, if you read it and were considering donating, I added an update that explains in more detail what the money will be used for.

Today, I’m going to show you two clips from a Ghanaian film. Here is a synopsis: a rastafarian ( his only line throughout the movie: “you can’t stop reggae, you can only reduce the volume”) is going around a college campus paying women to have sex with snakes. A few days after sleeping with the snakes, the women develop a horrific and lethal maggot infestation in their womb.

******SPOILER ALERT******

All the victims die, except for one woman who converts to Christianity on her death bed. She goes on to identify the rasta and, despite cutting his dreadlocks and discarding his sixteen red, yellow and green wristbands, he is caught and jailed.

First line of clip: “I slept with a snake. He tore my private parts.” In this scene, Trisha is about to convert to Christianity as a last resort. She ends up surviving.

0:15 – “This is really serious oh. You mean all this while this is what they have been dong on campus. Sleeping with their ??? and their snakes. Oh God forbid!”

What would be taken for b-list horror in the US, is mainstream blockbuster in Ghana. Witches, wizards, vampires, animals possessed by spirits. Some of them are mutated archetypes from traditional Ghanaian beliefs. The other day I watched a movie where a witch cast a “permanent erection” spell on a dude. For the rest of the movie, this guy walked around with what looked like a baseball bat under his pants. Produced with incredibly low budgets, the special effects are comical and the sound often jumps from inaudible to so loud it’s distorted. Regardless, Ghallywood films are entertaining, and in terms of story they are better than a lot of American movies (I’m mainly thinking of Lakeview Terrace and most of the movies on Showtime).

KOFI NTI – AKONTA by lionsinthetiles

Kofi Nti – “Akonta,” a popular highlife track. Go get hammered on some palm wine and bounce around to this.

This is now in HD:

10 seconds in, the boy in the way back on the far left shows us something.

Ghanaian girl

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