What a Real Party Looks Like

by phil on August 24, 2012

At the end of July, my former residence in DC ceased to be a residence. Chalk it up to disagreements with the landlord. It may become a residence once more, with new tenants and a different pricing plan, but it will likely never be the place that it was.

While I haven’t lived at the house since June of 2010, I have returned on several occasions, often for events like the one below.

My keys for a true party are as follows:
– Free and nonexclusive
– Children – kids party harder than most adults
– Uninhibited dancing
– Live music, preferably from a band like the Archives who play roots, rocksteady and early dancehall
– Front porch rather than back patio (this goes along with the nonexclusive part)
– Activities such as water balloon duels
– A grill
– Materials for spontaneous artwork
– Fresh squeezed lemonade that has vodka in it

This list is not comprehensive, but I believe it covers many critical items. Here are a few pics:

We rigged up the tarp because of a rain/thunderstorm threat. While it only rained for 15 minutes, the tarp prevented a break in the music. Worth it.

Archives warming up on the porch and a small crowd forming in the street.

I tried to teach these girls how to draw camels but they were in their own world, a world that is/was probably much better than any world you or I know.

These two twins later started a balloon mosh pit.

1607 — You will be missed.

If you are interested in hosting a party like this, let me know, and I will help you with planning (in exchange for an invite). Also, you may not be able to book Archives — they are getting a little too big for porch parties — but you can check them out at thearchivesdc.com, where they have a new album (think vintage reggae, the best parts of it) that is available.

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