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Help me pull off my biggest camel drawing mission to date

I’m on my way back to Mali as I write this. Bus to New York. Subway to JFK. Flight to Brussels. Hang out for two days. Flight to Lisbon. Flight to Bamako.

Despite whatever fatigue I may experience, I am gearing up for a record breaking camel drawing mission that will take place in Mali (with your help).

If I can raise $1,000 for Relief International’s efforts to support Malian refugees in Niger, I will teach 100 different people how to draw camels in Bamako in a 24 hour period. Video evidence of the mission, which will include some special guests, will be available to backers of the campaign.

If you want to help me make history, you can click here to go to the campaign page on IndieGoGo. That page also has more information on why I chose Relief International and what rewards you can expect if you support the campaign.

Whether you can donate or not, please consider sharing this campaign with someone (or everyone) that you know. One more time, here is the link for the campaign.

More to come from Bamako.

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