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Great Things to Know about Costa Rica before You Visit

Tauck Tours is a fantastic tour operator that delivers off the beaten track tours. Their goal is to make sure every traveller can experience the holiday of a lifetime, but in an affordable way. One of the tours they offer will take you to Costa Rica and if you have booked on this, it could be good to get to know a little bit about the country before you go.

Costa Rica with Tauck Tours

When you visit Costa Rica with Tauck Tours, you will be able to let the eco-warrior inside you out. Take skywalks across waterfalls, hike through the rainforest, zip line through the canopies of trees, kayak in a mangrove forest and more. Costa Rica is a country of true beauty and wonder, and you will be able to experience it all.

Things to Know about Costa Rica that Your Travel Agent May not Mention

Travel agents always have things to say about the places they send you to. However, sometimes they don’t tell you certain things simply because they don’t know about it, or because their own information is wrong. So here are a few things you absolutely must know about Costa Rica before you go:

  • Water is safe to drink unless you are in truly remote areas and have a very sensitive stomach. Even the water in San Jose, despite reports of the contrary, is safe to drink. However, it contains a lot of chlorine, so it is not nice.
  • You do not have to get vaccinations for typhoid or malaria medication.
  • Dengue fever is very real, so make sure you learn how to avoid getting bitten by a dengue mosquito.
  • The sun is incredibly strong due to the location of Costa Rica (almost right on the equator). Hence, make sure you wear a good sun block.
  • Street signs are non-existent in Costa Rica, so if you decide to take an independent tour or to rent a vehicle, be prepared to get lost. Often. Additionally, make sure you understand that other drivers in Costa Rica are not overly attentive. It is even allowed to drink and drive, although driving while drunk is an offense. If you do get involved in an accident, you must remain with your vehicle until both the police and the insurance company have attended the scene.
  • You should avoid shops where prices are listed in dollars, or where there are no prices. This is because these prices are often fake and hyper inflated. Try to shop local as much as you can.
  • Try to always use your credit card for purchases and pay for your goods in local currency. That way, you are guaranteed to be charged the correct exchange rate.
  • Always be mindful of petty theft. There are plenty of pickpockets and other such crimes in Costa Rica. There is very little violent crime, however, so you are perfectly safe if you use good traveller’s common sense.

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