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Travel easy and pain free on your journeys abroad


Travelling should be fun. However, there are always some hazards to travelling abroad. Common travel problems can often be avoided with a bit of planning. Here are some tips for travelling easy and pain free on your journeys abroad:

Be aware of water quality

While the locals may seem just fine drinking the water, it still might affect you adversely. Do some research before travelling to see what the water quality is like. If you have any doubts, then stick to bottled water if at all possible. Don’t forget that ice cubes can be a source of contamination as well. Fresh produce, washed with tap water can also be sources of water that could potentially be contaminated.

Pack extra medication

Make sure that you pack extras of any medication that you have to take. It is possible that you drop a pill or your return is delayed. It can be very difficult to replace lost medication or get an emergency supply in some vacation destinations. Always make sure prescription medication is in bottles from the pharmacy and has your name on it to avoid hassle at airports. Pills for stomach upset and diarrhea are good to have on hand.

The sun is great – if managed well

You worked hard and now you are on vacation. That chair on the beach is looking good to you. Many of us love basking in the sun while travelling, it is however very important to make sure that you protect your skin and drink plenty of water. Sunburn can quickly make a trip not much fun at all and increase your chance of skin cancer. Not drinking enough water can result in dehydration that could lead to sunstroke. Make sure that you apply sunscreen often and take a break from the sun regularly. A good beach umbrella can be rented and can help you have a safe, comfortable day.

Clothing and gear

If you plan on being fairly active during your journey, you may want to consider what gear you need, to be comfortable. Compression pants can help reduce muscle fatigue and soreness from hiking and walking. This means you can spend more time doing the activities you want to do most. Tommie Copper compression pants are made of a fabric known as “Copper Znergy”. This unique fabric wicks moisture and controls odors so you stay fresh and comfortable. Make sure you pack appropriate clothing for your destination. Just because temperatures are supposed to be warm and the weather fair somewhere doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pack a rain jacket.


Not all trips abroad are for pleasure. You may be on a stressful business trip. It is important to remember that all travel is a lot easier to get through if you can relax. Being too tense can cause headaches and fatigue that interferes with your daily activities by making it hard for you to stay alert and focused. If some parts of travel such as flight make you nervous, try to make yourself as comfortable as possible with a good book or your favorite food or beverage.

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