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The Smartphone Goes Camping: Technology in the Wild


Nature is beautiful. There’s nothing like finishing your hike and taking in the mountaintop air, trees stretching in every direction below. We like to think that this is a no-technology zone: enjoy the scenery, live in the moment, et cetera. But phones can actually make any camping trip safer, smarter, and more enjoyable if you know how to use them on the trail.

Use Camping Trip Planner to pack the essentials: it’ll even tell you how much each item weighs so you don’t end up overburdening yourself. Then you can scope out the perfect campsite with Camp & RV – the app is chock-full of user reviews and details about every potential site so you make the right choice. Want to stay somewhere with internet? Someplace at high elevation? It’s all in there, and the app makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.
Smartphones on T-Mobile’s trustworthy network, like the Google Nexus 6, can even help you get out of tricky situations with the SAS Survival Guide. From tying knots to knife skills, it’s all in there. The app even features a Morse Code emergency messaging system if anything goes wrong. You can’t go wrong being prepared.

Audubon Mammals and Leafsnap can help you identify wildlife and flora around your campsite, and Star Walk will let you know exactly which constellations and planets are twinkling in the night sky. These apps don’t have to overtake your experience; they’re simply there if you need them.

A camping trip is a time to reflect and relax, an opportunity to slow things down. Your phone can help you with the tough parts, letting you fully enjoy your time in the wilderness. Read on to find out more.

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