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Soliciting Advice: Traveling to Istanbul, Sarajevo and Dubrovnik


The first and only time I traveled to Istanbul, I spent most of my time tracking down fresh cherries, doner kebabs and Turkish ice cream. My friend Sam and I slept very little, as sometimes the search for those items happened in the middle of the night. I had a lot more hair then, and I had just spent a semester in Ghana.

10 years later, I am going back to Istanbul. I will be making my way to Dubrovnik, Croatia. A good friend is getting married there. On the way, I will stop in Sarajevo. All told, it will be a ten day trip.

I will be traveling with a friend who is bringing a drone with him, so I could very well spend the ten days in jail. Provided that’s not the case, I would love to hear any recommendations from people who have been to these places. Leave them in the comments below, sank you.

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