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5 Essential Tips for Laos Travelers


Laos is an often underrated country, even though it offers visitors a number of unique experiences that they will surely remember for ever! So if you’re interested in visiting this fascinating place, it is high time to create a plan of action for your vacation. If you want your trip to be cost-effective, visit Discountrue.com first and check out the coupons for Expedia or Kohl’s in order to get the necessary luggage and tickets on a budget. No matter if you’ve never been to Laos before or you would like to return, the following tips will help you to avoid common pitfalls and maximize the enjoyment!

1. Don’t Stray From The Beaten Track

Landmines are a serious problem in Laos, especially for tourists who decide that they want to explore areas that they shouldn’t. It is in your best interests to remain in tourist friendly areas at all times, no matter how savvy you may think you are when it comes to navigating unfamiliar terrain. It’s also good to leave your expensive items at home and keep your flashy jewelry wearing to an absolute minimum.

2. Adhere To The Food and Water Preparation Regulations

There is no water that should be considered ready to drink when you arrive in Laos. All water must be thought of as being potentially contaminated until proven otherwise. When you need water to brush your teeth, bathe or drink, it must be sterilized or boiled first. Milk should also be treated in the same manner and powdered milk is usually a better choice. Meat and fish must only be consumed when they have been well cooked.

3. Update Your Vaccines

Hepatitis B and hepatitis E are common diseases in Laos and you will want to update your vaccines accordingly before scheduling your trip. Dengue fever, Japanese encephalitis and tuberculosis are also prevalent, so schedule an appointment with a trusted physician so that you can adequately prepare yourself. Preventive medicine is the best form of medicine in these instances.

4. Carry Cash

Those who are used to having free and easy access to ATM machines and/or using their credit/debit card to pay for purchases will typically experience a moment of culture shock upon arrival in Laos. While there are increasingly more of them there, they tend to be sparsely located and some of those might charge an exorbitant fee, so it is in your best interest to carry the cash that you need when you are out and about.

5. Ride Motorcycles With Caution

While Laos visitors can rent motorcycles with relative ease, it is important to brush up on the proper motorcycle licensing rules and regulations before you arrive. A past visitor may tell you that local police are lax when it comes to licensing regulations, but they have begun to crack down in recent years. Expect to be issued a sizable fine if you are caught riding a motorcycle without a license by a Laotian police officer.

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