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The Eating is Great at the Singapore Zoo


While you may not think that the zoo in a city as cosmopolitan as Singapore is the place to have a fun and yet tasty meal, you might be surprised just how good it can be. For anyone who takes the family on vacation, you know that meals can be a haphazard affair, often consumed on the fly and with little attention paid to where you are or how good the meals can be. But one of the real jewels of the Singapore Zoo is that they offer families a chance to have a great and nutritious meal together in one of the most interesting settings you can imagine. So the next time you are planning a family trip, don’t forget to include one of these great family-friendly meals at a setting your kids will not soon forget.

Breakfast with Orangutans

One of the more interesting places to have breakfast has to be the one on offer at the zoo in Singapore. Not many zoos have meals you would really want to write home about, but this is a change of pace that may be quite welcome for travelling families. Their breakfast is called the Jungle Breakfast and is a package that includes not only breakfast on the patio near the orangutans but also a tour of the zoo. This allows you to have a quick overview of just what is where in the zoo, gives you the ability to plan what you want to see when in more detail, and have a fun and healthy breakfast right there in the midst of some of the most intriguing members of our “cousins” the apes.

Lunching with the Birds

While you may love that chance to have a great buffet breakfast with your friends at the Singapore Zoo, there are other opportunities. Just as you get a chance to introduce the kids to animals while keeping meal time calm, Singapore also offers a chance for lunch with parrots. Nearby Jurong Bird Park has hundreds of varieties of birds and a great lunch package for families that includes talking parrots. These clowns of the bird world are bound to entertain your kids as you all enjoy a delicious meal right in the middle of the bird park. They will be serving authentic cuisine of the Asian continent in a buffet that allows the kids to pick their own meal options. A parrot show and the surrounding jungle make the perfect compliment for a very family friendly meal that can’t be beat!

Dinner at Night Safari Jungle

What could be more exciting then a dinner buffet in the jungle just before heading out to safari? You and your kids are going to love the fun of the Singapore Night Safari. It is the perfect compliment to your breakfast at the Singapore Zoo and lunch at the bird park. Because so many interesting animals are only active at night, this is the perfect way for you and your kids to experience a true jungle encounter with many of Asia’s most interesting creatures. Best of all the Night Safari offers a great Indian buffet that your kids will love, with many dishes to chose from. Whether you have a big family that uses the private Chef’s Room or want to take the kids to the public banquet room on the edge of the jungle, this is a great way to start the safari.

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