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Rent an apartment in Amsterdam city centre for the perfect stay


A long or short term stay in Amsterdam might require you to rent an apartment. Though, the city has gained plenty of popularity off lately, it is difficult to find an accommodation in the city owing to its busy crowd all year long. Especially when it is about the central portion, make sure you have done some sort of research before landing in!

If we talk about the rental properties in Amsterdam, they are divided into two sections. The major section of property is under the semi-public housing corporations who allow the houses to be on rent only for the lower salaried Dutch people. This constitutes to about 50 percent of the total dwelling in the society.

Rest of the left over percentage of privately owned property can be rented out easily by the expats. The rentals of these properties are comparatively higher than the social housing ones. And most of the new entrants have to accept the market price, whatever it may be increasing every now and then. It might cost you anywhere from 2200 Euros to 500 Euros. Though, the later ones are very less in number and rarely available. If you are looking for a medium period accommodation then do look to rent an apartment in Amsterdam city centre for the perfect stay.

However, if you are looking to minimize the rental expense then below listed options might prove to be economical.

  • Many young workers opt for apartment sharing to cut the costs. It will be estimating around 400 Euros to 800 Euros, depending upon the size and location of the accommodation.
  • Subletting an apartment or house sitting can also be a profitable option. It basically means that the expats can sublet the property from the local residents or the owners who are planning to stay away from the city for a particular period of time. The span can be anywhere from few months, weeks or a year too! Surprisingly, even social housing apartments can be sublet at a fair price that can be negotiated between the expats and the residents of the property. The benefit of settling the price this way is that it will be significantly lower than the private property.
  • Lastly, you can also think to allocate yourself somewhere outside the city. It is one of the less preferred options that are not considered due to commuting problems and long distance travelling need!

Though, the search might be difficult but you can always get help from various rental sites and companies that have proper information about the vacant properties in Amsterdam. They provide best services to hunt an ideal apartment fitting your choice. They also educate the new entrants about the laws or documentation requirements of the lease agreement properly.

Also, you must keep all the points regarding what you are looking for in a rental apartment ready before contacting any source of finding one. There are many questions like the costs, amenities and neighborhood related that need to be asked by the expats in advance. Try and beware of the rental problems you might face in the city and thus stay educated about the rental mistakes to avoid in Amsterdam.

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