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Looking forward to our first family trip to Florida

I remember my first trip as a child to Florida. The trip had a little of everything: building sandcastles at New Smyrna beach, cruising through the Everglades, and all of the enchantment of Orlando and Disney World. There are few places that are better for a family holiday. Now that I have my own family, I am looking forward to visiting for the first time some time in the coming year.

With all of the travel options in Florida, it is important to find deals that are best suited to the needs of your family. There are a few different ways that you can book a trip, starting with the more traditional route of hiring a travel agent. Most people don’t do this anymore as they have found that various resources on the internet can do the job for them.

But the internet can be overwhelming. There are so many different search engines and aggregate flight sites out there, and each one promises to be better than then the next. Some sites focus on hotels and rental cars, some do flights, and some do a bit of everything. Where do you start?

Well, the ideal resource would be one that focuses on Florida itself. I’ve found just the right website in this regard. The site is called Florida Masters, and it allows you to conduct tailor made searches depending on the type of holiday that you want.

You can start by selecting your departure point. From there, you can select the holiday type, number of people, dates and types of attractions that you want to see. If you want to go on a cruise, you can do a custom search that will show competitive prices for different cruise companies and packages.

While Kayak and Skyscanner might help you book hotels and flights, their aggregate search engines are not designed specifically for what’s on offer on Florida. I did a comparison search with Florida Masters and Skyscanner, and not only did I find cheaper offers on FloridaMasters.com, I also found more comprehensive packages. For example, I found a Walt Disney world package that included flights, accommodation, rental cars and special attractions. You won’t be able to find a comparable package on other sites. Meanwhile, SkyScanner helped me find a reasonably priced flight and hotel rooms, but not much more than that.

If you are planning on traveling to Florida, have a look at this site and tell me what you come up with. Alternatively, if you have already traveled there, let me know how you booked your trip in the comments below.

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