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The Four Biggest Benefits of Going on Shorter Trips With Your Family

There’s no denying the potential fun of a family vacation; however, this is quite a bit of debate about which types of vacations are better for families.

That is, should you prioritize shorter trips or longer ones? Which is considered to be “better?”

While there is something enticing about going on long-term vacations (think: trips that last well over a week), we’ve outlined below the biggest benefits of going on shorter trips as a family. Sure, everyone’s different and has their own personal preference and what they prioritize in a trip; however, these four upsides apply to just about any family.

They’re Cheaper

For starters, you obviously can keep more money in your pocket when you’re traveling closer distances and spend fewer nights in a hotel. Each extra day on vacation adds up when you factor in the costs of lodging, food, attractions and the often-overlooked costs that may be adding up at home such as boarding a pet or taking unpaid time off.

Taking domestic trips is ideal for families looking to save. Furthermore, you can score extra savings through Yatra offers which provide deals and discounts for travelers looking to stay closer to home.

You Don’t Waste Time

When you spread out vacations for a week or more at a time, you tend to have multiple lazy days or unnecessarily downtime where you could be doing something else. On the flip side, giving yourself a bit of a time crunch requires you to squeeze in as many activities as you possibly can. Although you certainly shouldn’t be stressed out on your trip, families should prioritize making memories versus lounging around. After all, that’s exactly that staycations are for.

And speaking of stress, psychologists actually not that shorter vacations are better for relaxing. Although it may seem backwards, full schedules actually leave less room for stress and more time to chill out as you don’t have to worry about the “what-if” of what you should be doing.

Picking Sights and Attractions is Easier

Again, sometimes limiting your options actually works in your favor when it comes to planning a trip. Being pressed for time means that you have to make specific choices in regard to what you’re going to do and see while traveling.

Think about it. You could easily spend a week in big cities like New York City or London and still only scratch the surface of essential things to do. On the flip side, only having a few days to spend in an area means prioritizing exactly what you want to do versus being wishy-washy about your plans. Short trips encourage you to sit down with your family and plan smarter rather than just “wing it.”

You Cut Down on Tantrums

Taking your kids on vacation, regardless of the length of your trip, requires some serious planning.

Especially when dealing with smaller children, being away from home or on the road for a prolonged period of time can take a toll on their wellbeing. Whether it’s being cramped in a hotel room or not having much time apart, siblings can also end up at each other’s throats after being cooped up together for days on end. Conversely, shorter vacations filled with activities help wear down your kids and encourage them to focus on having fun versus bickering.

Despite popular belief, you don’t need to go on a pricey, long-term vacation with your family to have fun or make a trip worthwhile. Instead, consider how shorter trips might actually make more sense for you and your family.

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