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How to Start a Food and Travel Blog: 3 Top Tips

If you follow any food and travel blogs, you’ve probably thought at some point or other, “I could do that” or even “I could do that better.” So why haven’t you put these thoughts into action? Perhaps you assume you don’t have the writing or photography skills, or maybe you worry that no one will ever read your work and it will all be for nothing. Every single blogger starts out this way, and yet an increasing number of them now have huge followings, book deals and full-time incomes from their blogs.

The first and best piece of advice to give anyone who’s thinking of starting a blog is just to do it. You probably already have an idea about how you want your blog to look and who you want to read it, but now it’s time to put those ideas into action. So, choose a domain name, get web hosting and use a website builder to create your site in just a few minutes. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to get posting.

Identify Your Audience

Before you launch your blog, think about what kind of readers you want to attract. If you’re writing a food and travel blog, the answer to this question seems pretty simple: you’ll want to target fellow travelers and foodies. However, you should also consider whether your target readers are male or female and how old they are. Are you writing for young backpackers or traveling parents, for example?

The easiest way to identify your target readership is to think about what you, the writer, like to read. Then be authentic and don’t let your content stray too far from your niche. Keep it conversational. Stay true to your tastes, style and author’s voice, and post on a regular, consistent basis. Straightening out these elements of your blog may take some time and practice, but after a while, you will fall into a natural blogging rhythm.

Include Photos and Videos

The lynchpins of any successful blog are images and content. When it comes to food and travel photography, images are particularly important because people are drawn in by visual – just look at how many food-and-travel-related Instagram accounts there are!

The bar is continuously shifting, however, and many bloggers now post videos as well as photos, especially for travel posts or recipe tutorials. Filming and posting videos to YouTube is easy – you can even use the camera on your phone or tablet. To give your videos a more polished, professional look, you can use Adobe’s free intro maker.

Write Clean Content

To attract online readers, your content needs to be easy to scan. If someone loads up your website and sees paragraphs after paragraph of block text and not much punctuation, they’re going to click away, no matter how great your writing is. Reading a blog is not like reading a book, and many online readers tend to have less time and shorter attention spans. Break your text up into short sections and use images, bullet points and lists to vary your content.

It goes without saying that your grammar and spelling need to be spot-on, but that doesn’t mean you have to be the best writer in the world for people to read your blog. Use an app like Grammarly or Hemingway to help you identify and correct mistakes and give your writing an overall polish.

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