W. Africa

Getting Hitched in Mali

by phil February 25, 2015 Mali

Pre-wedding henna Thursday and Sunday are the traditional days of marriage in Mali. We chose Sunday. The plan was (and still is) to get legally married in Bintou’s village, have a small celebration with friends and her family, and then have a staged wedding in Bamako (basically an excuse to throw a big party) at […]

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No Turning Back Now

by phil January 22, 2015 Mali

Some of you will understand this photo. If you don’t, you will in a few days. Words and photos to come.

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Pictures from my life in Mali

by phil December 10, 2014 Mali

What am I doing in Mali? I am managing a hotel, the same hotel that I stayed at randomly in 2010 when I first came here. It’s the hotel where I met Bintou and many good friends. It’s also affiliated with camels. I am also traveling sporadically to Abidjan, where the restaurant project marches on. […]

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One more time on the bus: new roads and ebola controls

by phil November 26, 2014 W. Africa

Can I write another post about the Bamako to Abidjan bus? Let’s find out. I was not looking forward to this trip. I was not worried about Ebola (neither Mali or Cote d’Ivoire have recorded a case, and the localities in Guinea closest to the Ivorian and Mali borders have not reported cases in over […]

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May we wake up one by one

by phil July 22, 2014 W. Africa

All of these things happened last week: a passenger plane was blown out of the sky, villages were attacked and overrun, police choked a man to death, warning charges exploded on houses before real bombs fell on them, tanks fired on neighborhoods (later, a hospital), and a woman was stoned to death for adultery. We […]

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Some thoughts on the World Cup from Abidjan

by phil June 12, 2014 Cote D'Ivoire

Previously: In 2010, I left hobart street in Washington DC for Accra, Ghana. I arrived one day before the Black Stars were to face off with Uruguay in the quarter finals of the World Cup. You can read about that here. Four years later, I am in Abidjan, and I’m throwing all my weight behind […]

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