Getting Hitched in Mali

by phil February 25, 2015 Mali

Pre-wedding henna Thursday and Sunday are the traditional days of marriage in Mali. We chose Sunday. The plan was (and still is) to get legally married in Bintou’s village, have a small celebration with friends and her family, and then have a staged wedding in Bamako (basically an excuse to throw a big party) at […]

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No Turning Back Now

by phil January 22, 2015 Mali

Some of you will understand this photo. If you don’t, you will in a few days. Words and photos to come.

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Pictures from my life in Mali

by phil December 10, 2014 Mali

What am I doing in Mali? I am managing a hotel, the same hotel that I stayed at randomly in 2010 when I first came here. It’s the hotel where I met Bintou and many good friends. It’s also affiliated with camels. I am also traveling sporadically to Abidjan, where the restaurant project marches on. […]

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Neglected Photos from Mali and Cote d’Ivoire

by phil June 5, 2014 Cote D'Ivoire

I thought these photos could use a home on the internet, so here they are. Pretty typical scene at Djigui Koro, one of the best bars in Bamako. Somebody buys a case of beer and everyone digs in. This is a very efficient way to order. Bintou on the banks of the Niger in Segou. […]

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Worrying signs in Mali and a bonus travel guide: Bamako on $2 a day

by phil January 31, 2014 Mali

I am back in Mali after almost 7 months in Abidjan, the longest break since I first starting coming here in 2010. I tried to come back sooner, but the restaurant took over and I repeatedly postponed the trip. I am here now, savoring the last days of Mali’s winter, spending time with friends, catching […]

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Some thoughts about Mali’s upcoming election

by phil July 22, 2013 Mali

SOTRAMA in Koulikoro. They don’t come more patriotic than this one. Well, it’s going to happen. Despite the fact that many analysts, diplomats and even members of Mali’s own electoral body have expressed doubts over the timing, there it sits on the calendar. July 28th. Six days away. Mali needs a legitimate government. No one […]

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