Camel Drawing

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Drawing Camels with 100 Different People in Bamako in 24 Hours

by phil November 8, 2012 Camels

Over this past weekend, in a stretch of 24 hours, I saw 3 concerts — Amanar, Haira Arby and Baba Salah — and a theater and dance performance put on by former street kids. I spent time in 10 different Bamako neighborhoods. And I drew camels with 100 different people. I conceived this project as […]

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I will be teaching 100 people in Bamako how to draw camels in a 24 hour period

by phil October 31, 2012 Camels

Just a short update here. We hit the mark on this camel drawing campaign. Now the fun begins. In preparation, I am traveling to Kita, a town several hours west of Bamako. An important center of animism, Kita is also home to many nyamakala (sculptors of the universe). I will be in Kita for roughly […]

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Help me pull off my biggest camel drawing mission to date

by phil October 16, 2012 Camels

I’m on my way back to Mali as I write this. Bus to New York. Subway to JFK. Flight to Brussels. Hang out for two days. Flight to Lisbon. Flight to Bamako. Despite whatever fatigue I may experience, I am gearing up for a record breaking camel drawing mission that will take place in Mali […]

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A Christmas Camel on my Head

by phil December 25, 2011 Camels

Happy Holidays from Abidjan! I am recovering from a dinner and dance party, but I wanted to share some art from two roadside barbers.

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Drawing Camels with Ghana’s Young Female Aviators

by phil December 6, 2011 Camels
Thumbnail image for Drawing Camels with Ghana’s Young Female Aviators

This post is a warm-up. I have a lot more to say about what I experienced last week. A more substantial post to come on the How to Draw Camels blog in the near future. Northeast of Accra, close to Lake Volta, the largest man-made lake in the world, there is a town called Kpong. […]

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Teaching a Malian Village of 25,000 People how to Draw Camels

by phil June 9, 2011 Camels
Thumbnail image for Teaching a Malian Village of 25,000 People how to Draw Camels

I introduced the village of Fana in my previous post. This is part II. Sitting under a tree. A breeze laced with mid-day Sahelian heat. Drinking a sachet of bissap juice, partially frozen, with bite sized sugary ice floes. From a cell phone speaker, Oumou Sangare, singing about her beloved. Sitting, talking, laughing. Laughing because […]

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