Losing my tubabu pass

by phil May 2, 2013 thoughts

As the words were coming out, I knew I was making a mistake. I knew because I had made the same mistake before, in front of the same friend whose eyes were now widening. “Hεrε sira?” (did you pass the night in peace?). Under most circumstances, this is an acceptable question, polite even. What’s not […]

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A Whole Bunch of Crap I Have Learned in Two Years of Running this Blog and Traveling West Africa

by phil June 28, 2012 thoughts

Helping to prepare Christmas dinner in Abidjan with a camel shaved into my head God willing, this blog will turn two years old tomorrow, June 29th. It started as many travel blogs do — as a public journal for a trip of definite length. After two years, the trip does not have an end point […]

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Et la Famille? Et les Affaires? Kow ka ŋi? Let’s Take this Thing Off the Tracks

by phil February 26, 2012 thoughts

The wall decorations in my gf’s childhood room in the village of Fana, Mali A directionless post has been a long time coming. And now, with my brain T’ed off on 3 Malian teas (think diabetes), I will write one. 1. It will be numbered, though. I developed a strain of OCD when I taught […]

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Sharing some love on my way out the door

by phil November 16, 2011 thoughts

I’m flying to Ghana today. More regular posting will resume next week. In the meantime, I want to share a few worthwhile projects from others. The Wise Routes Project My friend Claire and her boyfriend, Brandon, just rode their bikes from Vancouver to San Francisco. Along the way, they crafted an open source curriculum that […]

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The Destination for your Pity Will Soon be Something Else

by phil November 4, 2011 thoughts
Thumbnail image for The Destination for your Pity Will Soon be Something Else

This post is not a rejection of aid or charity or volunteering. It’s a rejection of an attitude about Africa. Last summer, at a chop house in Takoradi, Ghana, an American girl struck up a conversation with me. She was a 3rd year university student volunteering in Ghana for 6 weeks. When I told her […]

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What’s Next for me

by phil September 1, 2011 thoughts
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Much to your dismay, I am not actually skydiving to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. I will be returning to West Africa, however, and I have a few things in store beyond my normal agenda of camel drawing consultations. Right now I am in the states, doing some side trips, staying with my mom, and […]

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