Getting to know the states

by phil May 20, 2015 Tips

I come across a variety of expats wherever I go. As I mostly travel in Francophone countries, I tend to come across a lot of Europeans and few Americans. Many of these expats will live in the USA at one point or another. Whether it’s for work, retirement or simply to take a vacation, the […]

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Travel easy and pain free on your journeys abroad

by phil April 27, 2015 Tips

Travelling should be fun. However, there are always some hazards to travelling abroad. Common travel problems can often be avoided with a bit of planning. Here are some tips for travelling easy and pain free on your journeys abroad: Be aware of water quality While the locals may seem just fine drinking the water, it […]

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Forget the month, just go on holiday!

by phil April 10, 2015 Tips

It doesn’t have to be July and August for it be socially acceptable to jet off on holiday, in fact I’m a firm believer that whatever the month, if you fancy a break, you should go! Spring, summer, autumn, or winter, there are destinations to suit every season, and no matter what you feel like […]

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Navigating the Great Loop: The Best Boat Adventure in North America

by phil April 7, 2015 Tips

Circumnavigating the globe may be the dream for countless self-appointed captains, but the weeks at sea, far from any sight of land, can become dreary and dull for even the biggest boating fans. That is why so many nautical enthusiasts prefer to go on short adventures close to shore: Not only is help nearby in […]

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Top five sights in Madrid

by phil March 30, 2015 Tips

Madrid is an ideal destination for a city break: it is located a short flight away from most European capitals and is a popular stopover for flights coming from Asia and Latin America. There are plenty of museums for those who enjoy art; parks and gardens for those who are looking for active holidays; and […]

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Boho chick to petrolhead in the space of 5 days

by phil March 20, 2015 Tips

Planning a vacation isn’t easy at all. There are so many details to be taken care of, and regardless of how meticulously I try to map out stuff, I always get the nagging feeling that I have forgotten to pack something that eventually turns out to be true! Horns of a dilemma… A few months […]

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