Disney magic close to home

by phil March 11, 2015 Stories

Every child the world over loves Disney at some point in their lives, this is a common fact. Whilst the older children get, the less likely they are to admit this, the Tinkerbell fairy-dust of Disney magic always comes back at some point, and luckily, Mickey Mouse’s French residence is right on our doorstep! I’m […]

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Getting Hitched in Mali

by phil February 25, 2015 Mali

Pre-wedding henna Thursday and Sunday are the traditional days of marriage in Mali. We chose Sunday. The plan was (and still is) to get legally married in Bintou’s village, have a small celebration with friends and her family, and then have a staged wedding in Bamako (basically an excuse to throw a big party) at […]

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Exploring some of the world’s more outlandish swimming pools

by phil February 23, 2015 Stories

Swimming pool design has long been a stand-alone profession, and a lucrative one at that. As hotels, amusement parks and wealthy individuals continually up the ante on what’s possible in the world of private aquatics, swimming pools have become increasingly bold and elaborate. I’ve been fortunate to experience some of the world’s more interesting natural […]

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The Wonders of Arbuckle Mountains

by phil June 28, 2014 Stories

Many travelers looking to explore the world–and all of the wonders that it has to offer–are on a constant search for the extraordinary. They set their sights on the cities and landmarks that offer an experience unlike anything else on the planet, one that will remain nestled in their memories for years and years to […]

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The Phone Cabin World

by phil May 19, 2014 Stories

Phone cabin in Abidjan at 2AM When this amount of time elapses between posts, I feel like I should write something really groundbreaking. That may not be the case here. A couple of posts ago, I mentioned that running a restaurant affords a certain familiarity with the neighborhood. One feature of our neighborhood, of every […]

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Getting hitched

by phil March 19, 2014 Stories

Bit of personal news here. I recently got engaged to Ms. Bintou Sagara. That goes towards explaining the light posting. That and the running a restaurant thing. Will share some more details in the coming weeks. No wedding planned yet, but for the relatively exclusive group of folks that still read this semi-dormant site, you […]

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