July Travel Plans

by phil July 2, 2014 USA

Match day at the resto in Abidjan. It was a sad scene not long after this photo was taken. All my teams have now been knocked out of this World Cup, so I am going all in on Colombia. Vamonos!! It’s been over a year since I was last overstaying my welcome on friends’ couches […]

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What a Real Party Looks Like

by phil August 24, 2012 USA

At the end of July, my former residence in DC ceased to be a residence. Chalk it up to disagreements with the landlord. It may become a residence once more, with new tenants and a different pricing plan, but it will likely never be the place that it was. While I haven’t lived at the […]

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Ode to Hobart Street

by phil May 8, 2011 USA

I am writing from Dulles Airport, on my way to Senegal, but stuck in the orbit of a Washington, DC neighborhood – specifically a street called Hobart. I lived on this street for two years. Since I’ve left, there have been semi-annual reunions. If I return to DC, I will find a way back onto […]

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Yes, this is Possible

by phil January 27, 2011 USA

Earlier you saw a picture of me in a suit and tie and my friend Sam in a cow costume (this post). We were dressed so because of a new project: Yes, this is Possible Please spread the word. Phil in the Blank will continue. My next post is going to be a massive West […]

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Photos of the Somewhat Less Phallic Landscape of Monument Valley, Arizona

by phil January 24, 2011 USA

I am now temporarily settled in the Valley of the Sun. Javelina country baby. The road trip is over. Many people seem to be confused as to why I was sitting in a suit and tie next to someone in a cow costume, in Arches National Park, in winter. This website cannot handle the explanation, […]

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Photos From the Overly Phallic Landscape of Utah

by phil January 19, 2011 USA
Thumbnail image for Photos From the Overly Phallic Landscape of Utah

These photos are from Arches National Park in Utah. I have been deliberately cryptic about what we are up to on this road trip, but a lot is revealed in the last photo of this series, in which me and Sam are playing the board game “Settlers of Catan” under an arch. And here are […]

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