Getting the most out of a short trip to New York City

by phil April 18, 2015 USA

New York is indisputably a world class tourist attraction. There is no other city like it, which is why a short trip can be daunting. How do you have enough time to see all of the important sights and have the important cultural experiences? Unfortunately, you can’t see everything on a short trip. You can, […]

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July Travel Plans

by phil July 2, 2014 USA

Match day at the resto in Abidjan. It was a sad scene not long after this photo was taken. All my teams have now been knocked out of this World Cup, so I am going all in on Colombia. Vamonos!! It’s been over a year since I was last overstaying my welcome on friends’ couches […]

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What a Real Party Looks Like

by phil August 24, 2012 USA

At the end of July, my former residence in DC ceased to be a residence. Chalk it up to disagreements with the landlord. It may become a residence once more, with new tenants and a different pricing plan, but it will likely never be the place that it was. While I haven’t lived at the […]

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Ode to Hobart Street

by phil May 8, 2011 USA

I am writing from Dulles Airport, on my way to Senegal, but stuck in the orbit of a Washington, DC neighborhood – specifically a street called Hobart. I lived on this street for two years. Since I’ve left, there have been semi-annual reunions. If I return to DC, I will find a way back onto […]

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Yes, this is Possible

by phil January 27, 2011 USA

Earlier you saw a picture of me in a suit and tie and my friend Sam in a cow costume (this post). We were dressed so because of a new project: Yes, this is Possible Please spread the word. Phil in the Blank will continue. My next post is going to be a massive West […]

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Photos of the Somewhat Less Phallic Landscape of Monument Valley, Arizona

by phil January 24, 2011 USA

I am now temporarily settled in the Valley of the Sun. Javelina country baby. The road trip is over. Many people seem to be confused as to why I was sitting in a suit and tie next to someone in a cow costume, in Arches National Park, in winter. This website cannot handle the explanation, […]

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