A variety of sites that I regularly enjoy. If you have any suggestions for me, send me a message on the contact page.

Worthwile Non-Profits

I have very mixed views about aid and frankly, some of the motives behind international development are very disturbing. This is a list of organizations that I believe in. They are efficient, provide a needed service, and they often take a holistic approach to problems.

How to Draw Camels Projects – These are organizations I worked with in Mali.
Partners in Health – Started in Haiti by superhuman Paul Farmer. If you have not read the book Mountains Beyond Mountains, get your hands on a copy and see what’s possible when someone is compassionate and motivated. Unbelievable story and organization.
Charity: Water – An organization that takes a sustainable approach to providing fresh water to those who need it.
Harlem Children’s Zone – Another organization started by a larger than life personality. Started in Harlem by Geoffrey Canada, HCZ provides a holistic approach to lifting communities out of poverty. Check out Whatever It Takes for another inspiring read.
Ashoka – Ashoka finds enterprising and innovative individuals around the world and offers them a fellowship and a number of other resources.
Donors Choose – Help fund classroom projects. You can select the project and read about it before giving.

Africa Related

Drogba’s Country – John is a freelance writer and photographer who regularly reports for the BBC. He has been living in Cote d’Ivoire for some time now and like Pauline below, offers thoughtful writing on Abidjan and beyond.
West Africa Wins Always – Pauline is a correspondent based in Abidjan. Her writing is wonderful and her site is filled with insight.
Sahel Sounds – Primarily a music blog, but covers culture in the Sahel more generally. Very thoughtful writing, great field recordings.
West Africa Discovery – Promoting West Africa as a travel destination with sustainable tourism.
Timbuktu Chronicles – A view of Africa and Africans with a focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, technology, practical remedies and other self sustaining activities.
Africa Unchained – A plaform for analyzing and contributing to the issues and solutions raised by George Ayittey’s latest book “Africa Unchained.” This blog is run by Emeka Okafor, who is also behind Timbuktu Chronicles.
AfriGadget – “Solving everyday problems with African ingenuity.”
White African – “Where Africa and technology collide.”
Texas in Africa – Laura Seay is a professor of African politics, conflict, and international affairs. She specializes in eastern DRC, but offers excellent commentary on developments all over the continent.
Scarlett Lion – Brilliant photography and commentary from Glenna, who currently calls Liberia home.
Africa is a Country – Reflective, eye opening, and good music, always.
Shelby Grossman – Aggregates Africa news from around the web, but also posts her own insightful thoughts.
Sahel Blog – Covering Politics and Religion in the Sahel and the Horn of Africa
Loomnie – Olumide Abimbola’s blog which primarily focuses on political economy and economic anthropology, not just in Africa.
Sophie Safiatou – Sophie is an American living in Bamako and her account of life in Mali is insightful and hilarious. Also see the dance center she is involved with here.
Holli’s Ramblings – Great expat blog out of Accra, Ghana. Thoughtful posts and a wide range of content.
Pas à Pas – Reflections on development work in West Africa.
Beginning in Bamako – Blog from a PhD student in water and sanitation, based in Bamako.
Toubabou à Bamako – A blog by a technical adviser to the National Water Directorate in Mali. (french)
Abidjanito – Site created by John James and friends to showcase everything Abidjan has to offer. Excellent resource for locals, expats and first time visitors.


Most are travel related, all of them are worth your time

David Orr Photography – Friend of mine who does some beautiful photography work. Check him out, especially if you need some work done in and around New York City.
1 Year Sabbatical – Matt and his family are about take off on a 1 year sabbatical. Great tips and stories here.
Legal Nomads – Excellent travel blog from Jodi, who left her job as a corporate lawyer to travel the world. A good place to start would be this post. And she likes camelids!!!!
Fevered Mutterings – Mike’s writing is insightful and often hilarious as well.
Unbrave Girl – Stop what you’re doing and go read Sally’s writing. Your day will be better for it.
The Flying Pork Knuckle – Noah writes some of the most entertaining travel narratives around.
Traveling Savage – Keith’s blog covers a lot of ground – incredibly thoughtful narratives and equally thoughtful philosophical musings. I’ve been enjoying this one a lot recently.
Johnny Vagabond – Some of the most entertaining, useful, and insightful travel writing on the internet. In addition, Wes just seems like a dude you’d want to hang out with.
Bacon is Magic – Great site in name and content. Engaging stories and excellent photos, including some that will make you famished.
Teaching Traveling – A new site from Lillie that is focused on teachers traveling – resources, interviews, stories, inspiration. Looks great so far!
I Eat My Pigeon – Great transparent narrative writing here. Been really enjoying this site recently.
Amateurs in Africa – There are a lot of reasons why this site is great. They chose to travel West Africa, they highlight great initiatives, and they are great storytellers.
Children on the Roof – My friend sara’s blog about her experiences in international teaching. I have witnessed her teaching and she is brilliant. In addition, her stories are hysterical.
G is For Ghana – One of the best blogs on Ghana and home to what is definitively Ghana’s best guidebook.
Go, See, Write – Michael’s posts are witty and insightful and he also shares some excellent photos. Another person that falls in the “dudes I would like to hang out with” category.
Wandering Earl – Earl always packs his posts with tons of content. Great narratives and tips throughout.
Everything Everywhere – Continuing with the theme of long-term travel, Gary has been writing about being on the road longer than most. Widely read site with tons of info and media.
Two Backpackers – These two have just completed a remarkable trip, largely in South America. Excellent photos, great stories and tips.
Nick’s Travel Blog – A friend of mine’s site. Lots of great content related to hotels and flights.
Jack and Jill Travel – a travel blog from a couple who are about to embark on a round the world trip in April of 2011. Great tips, stories, and photos here.
Girl Unstoppable – Ekua writes super thoughtful posts and she takes great pictures. And she has family in Ghana and has spent time there herself!! And she likes Malian music!! I could go on, but you should go visit her site.
Blondie at Worldz End – Agata is making tracks around the world and I of course love the camel picture at the top of her page.
Ivory Pomegranate – Kirstin blogs about living in Kyrgyzstan, which is awesome in itself, but her posts are also excellently written and she takes good photos.
A Little Adrift – Shannon is a location independent blogger who has covered a lot of ground. Her posts are always thoughtful and entertaining.
On Our Own Path – Kyle and Bessie have been traveling for three years now, taking on Central and South America, and Asia. Most recently they have been writing very insightful posts about traveling in Myanmar.
Live Richly – Jennifer writes about a little bit of everything, from finance to travel to inspiration and motivation. Lots of great stuff here!
Budget Travel Adventures – Budget travel advice along with stories and travel narratives.
Get up and Globe – Skott and Shawna are about to embark on a round the world trip. And their trip might include Ghana!
Tour Absurd – Katrina’s travel blog is thoughtful and funny and I love her approach to travel, writing and photography!
Travels with a Nine Year Old – Theodora is traveling with world with her 9, er 10-year-old son. Their travels are remarkable, but it is her thoughtful and often hilarious writing that gets my attention.
Travel Notes – Photo travel journals from different parts of the globe.
Aussie Travel Advice – An independent resource for Australians travelling overseas
New Travel Image – Travel photography and writing by Brook Mitchell
Over Yonderlust – Shaun and Erica just began a round the world trip. Descriptive writing and plenty of photos and videos can be found here. I love that they alternate writing duties, each offering their own unique voice.
Hecktic Travels – Another couple’s travel site? Yes. But also another awesome travel blog that is very much focused on cultural immersion.
The Sleeping Camel Blog – Blog about life in Bamako, Mali from the people behind the awesome Sleeping Camel Hostel.
Nomadic Samuel – Lots of great multimedia including daily videos and photos and plenty of tales from all around the world to keep you entertained.
Living Rootless – Mzuri is another nomad who’s been writing a thoughtful blog since she went “rootless.”
Aussie on the Road – One Aussie guy in search of a life less ordinary.
Stop Having a Boring Life – Rob is on a trip of indefinite length, offering insights on locales around the world while also inspiring others to travel.
Smiling Faces Travel Photos – Exactly what is sounds like. And guess what? You’ll be smiling, too..
LLWorldTour – Lisa posts narratives and photography as well as general travel tips and resources.
Trains on the Brain – Jool’s site celebrates train travel with some brilliant and entertaining writing.
Easy Hiker – A great resource site, check this out if you are planning on taking a walk through Europe anytime soon.
Somewhere or Bust – Noah’s travel blog is filled with clever and fun posts, many of which are both entertaining and helpful.
Nomadical Sabbatical – Takes an amusing stroll through the philosophy of long term travel and leaving a career to travel the world.
On My Walkabout – Nick Knowles is a traveler and experience aficionado specializing in enjoying life’s adventures without breaking the bank.
Visa Hunter – like an encyclopedia for worldwide visa information. Very helpful.
Backpacking Travel Blog – a new blog from Nomadic Samuel and his girlfriend as they begin a round-the-world trip in 2013.
Yeity – “travel that’ll put hair on your snatch.” Right..
the DFR – The DFR is a travel blog directory and travel hub, with free ebooks.
Be My Travel Muse – All about off-beat travel in SE Asia
A Backpackers Tale: Stephen is an adventure traveler. His current quest to tackle his bucket list leads him on many entertaining misadventures around the world.
Traveling with a Camera. A website dedicated to travel photography and photo essays.
Railway Stays – anything and everything related to rail travel
Backpacking Man – Started backpacking over 15 years ago and is still overseas travelling and now writing about the experiences.


Sahel Sounds – Music from the Sahel region. Part musicology, part travel narrative, part beautiful music that you would be hard pressed to find outside of the Sahel.
Akwaaba Music – African music and pop culture. They produce their own mixes/recordings and also showcase those of others.
Awesome Tapes From Africa – Incredible site. Semi-regular postings of tapes from all over Africa. Recently downloaded some hunter’s music from Mali that is absolutely stunning.
Mateo Monk – One of the most talented people I know. Great songwriter and versatile musician. You can listen to his tracks and check out some video of his live looping work – incredible stuff.
Afropop – “Music and stories from the African planet” – all kinds of “world” music.
Ableton – My music software of choice. Will hopefully get my hands on Logic in the near future.
Sound Cloud – a great resource for sharing music. My profile is here:

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