How I spent $140 dollars for the Month of September

by phil October 3, 2010 Cote D'Ivoire
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This is me making doughnut batter in Ghana. I am wearing my favorite shirt. It is lightweight, comfortable, mildly flattering, quick-drying, and somewhat immune to odor. Three years ago, before boarding an overnight bus to Arequipa, I was robbed in the Cusco bus station. I got on the bus with nothing except for passport, cash, […]

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Ivorians and Their Baguettes: a Few Observations and Some Pictures

by phil September 14, 2010 Cote D'Ivoire
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Previously on Philintheblank: Twenty four hours of violent diarrhea and vomiting followed by eleven hours in a bus stairwell. Arrived in Abidjan exhausted, dirty, sunburnt, and bacteria-ridden. One night of revival at a posh hotel turned into six when I became trapped in an elevator and was offered free lodging. For six days I split […]

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Again Slow Travel Wins Out

by phil September 10, 2010 Cote D'Ivoire

If you asked me two days ago what I thought of Abidjan, I would have said it’s a city of idle soldiers on cratered sidewalks telling market women to give them peanuts for free. I was not feeling it. Behold the power of incredible Couchsurfing hosts. Faty, her boyfriend David, and brother Bless, have adopted […]

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Couchsurfing Takoradi and Some Leftover Accra Pics

by phil September 1, 2010 Ghana
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Blazing out of Accra, red earth, two story termite mounds, and green everything else. On the bus to Takoradi, I was pleasantly hypnotized by the scene outside my window when the driver decided to let a pastor on board. The pastor yelled into our ears for two hours. This is typical in Ghana. The pastor […]

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Visiting Ms. Piggy in Accra

by phil July 12, 2010 Ghana

After spending an hour and a half in two different cramped and dilapidated minibuses, I am looking for a shared taxi to my final destination: Beach Road. My first couchsurfing experience has led me to the western-most neighborhoods of Accra, Ghana. Dansuman, Shiabu, Beach Road. All three suffering from low-lying geography, recent rain, and a […]

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