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Things I Use

I regularly use and support the following websites, products, books, and services. If you purchase anything from these links, I will get a small commission. Understand that the price is the same whether you use my link or not, and know that everything below is something that I highly recommend.


Unconventional Guides

Chris Guillebeau has written guides on everything from freelancing to amassing frequent flyer miles. I’m a fan of the “Working for Yourself” guide. I have used much of the advice in that guide to more or less become my own boss. I recommend it if you are interested in creating a small side income for yourself based on an internet type business. You can check it out here.


I am not an Apple fanboy, but I will acknowledge that traveling with a Macbook Air has been a pleasure. As most of my income comes from work online, it’s nice to carry around something this powerful and lightweight.

It may seem like a hefty price tag, but it’s more affordable than many other Apple computer products, and it’s durable. I have been using the same machine for 2 years now, and my only complaint is with the power charger (it’s looking like I might finally need to replace it).

I also didn’t apply many upgrades when I bought the computer. I opted for a solid state drive, but other than that, I stuck with the least expensive option.

Website Stuff

I use Namecheap if I need to register a domain name (something.com, .net, etc.). They are reasonably priced and they don’t have a CEO that is shooting elephants in Zimbabwe (see: GoDaddy.com).

I use Host Gator to host my site. I pay around $4/month, and I have unlimited bandwidth and storage. They have a great one-click install WordPress feature, and dedicated 24 hour support. I have also used Bluehost and would recommend them, too.

Thesis Theme for WordPress

I use WordPress (free) to manage my blog and I use Thesis for my theme. In addition to providing a clean layout that you can easily customize, Thesis is excellent for search engine optimization and load times as everything is streamlined. If you are making a blog and want to get serious about it I would highly recommend using this theme. Check it out here.


Steripen offers numerous products for filtering and treating water. I use the SteriPEN Traveler when I am traveling in West Africa and it has been an all star for me. You can check out a video demonstration and Steripen traveler review I did for Sick on the Road by clicking here. If you want to stop spending money on bottled or water and you don’t want to use a chemical to treat your water, I highly recommend this product.

World Nomads is my recommendation for travel insurance. They provide flexible, inexpensive, and comprehensive insurance, and they have great customer support. You can read my full review of world nomads here.

Cheapflights.com.au – Great comparative search engine for finding affordable flights.



Centmobile is what I use when I am in the states and I need to make calls to Cote d’Ivoire or Mali, and the person I am calling does not have skype or viber etc. It’s the cheapest and most reliable calling card service. It’s also incredibly easy to use.